Imagine how awesome you can feel in your own body!

Been feeling stuck when it comes to getting healthy? Bounced from diet to diet? Don't have the time or energy to find out what healthy is anymore? 
Take back control of your health NOW with the Inspired Action Method. Learn how to live a sustainable, healthy and fun lifestyle using our tried and true methods.

Show Me How To Live That Inspired Life!!

Who The Heck Are We?

We were YOU a few years ago! We made the same mistakes when it comes to eating and exercise. Yep, even bought into those crazy promises. Holy schnikes was it ever stressful and NO fun!

Through experience, education, research and perseverance we have been able to reach our health and fitness goals and now we use a streamlined method to help YOU reach YOURS by taking out the guesswork, bringing ease and making it a lifestyle you'll actually enjoy!

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Mission Statement

Our passion is helping you master a healthy lifestyle by tackling your fitness goals, teaching you about nutrition and showing you how to love yourself along your journey and not just when you reach goals. If you're fed up with looking in the mirror and having nothing nice to say, if you're sick of making meal plans doubting it will ever work and you're finally ready to take back control of your life, then click below and let us help you find the healthy you!


Training that is goal-oriented. Enjoyable workouts to keep you motivated and still seeing results. Flexible to fit your life including access to equipment and time!


Learning to eat the food you love without any of the guilt. NO restrictions here (besides health/allergy concerns or preference). Education-based modules to teach you all about nutrition for YOUR body. 


Focusing on the challenges in your mind set up by you without even knowing it. Getting clear on your goals. Setting action plans. Learning how to overcome self sabotage moments.

Women's Health

Focused fitness and nutrition for the specific needs of moms. Trouble leaking? Unsure of what is safe post-partum when it comes to eating and exercising? We give you all the clarity!

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"Know that there is nothing more amazing than a woman who owns and loves her choices"

Sarah Nicole Landry

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