This Is Empowered Strong Mom

Mama, I'm telling you NOW is the time to take care of yourself! Stop putting yourself on the back burner. No more getting burnt out by unreasonable programs and diets, and start creating healthy habits that will actually transform your life, actually give you the results you want and give you the energy to allow you to create lasting memories with your family.

By The End Of This Program You Will:

Gain A Healthy Relationship With Food

Get A Ridiculously Strong Core

Build Some Lean, Mean, Strong Muscles

Confidently Wear ANYTHING In Your Closet

AND You Will Also:

Regain The Confidence You Thought Was Lost Forever

Have A More Positive Outlook on Life (Yep, Less Snapping At The Kids!)

Lose those Sugar Cravings and Develop Some Wicked Food Will Power!

Have The Energy To Outlast Your Kids

Get Your Identity Back! Become The Person You Were Meant To Be NOT Just 'Mom'

I know you have been told that "this is just your body now". 

I know you feel so overwhelmed because you've tried so many things in the past and nothing seems to stick.
I know you're done trying to figure out what's "good" or "bad" when it comes to what you eat and how you move.
You're feeling just plain uncomfortable in your own skin.

Lost some of that intimacy with your partner because of how gross you sometimes feel? Ya, I know! I was there too!
You keep starting but never finish a fitness program because it just doesn't work for you. You want to find something that will finally WORK FOR GOOD and fit your family lifestyle!

I got you.


Who's the BadAss Mom You'll Be Working With?

Hey my mamas, I'm Vanessa! A Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist with a passion for helping moms take power over their bodies and return to an active life after babies. 
Having 4 young kiddos at home I understand how busy life can get and how much we, as mamas, can put our needs, health and self-care on the back-burner.

I have an excellent grasp on what my body is telling me and know exactly how hard to push myself and when I need to listen to the needs of my post-baby body. AND THIS IS WHAT I WILL TEACH YOU!

Through this program I am going to show you how to make your health a priority while STILL enjoying outings with your kids and eating without restriction.

What It Means To Become an Empowered Strong Mom....


  • You will have a strong and stable core (no ab separation, no peeing your pants, no low back pain, no fear of a broken post-baby body)
  • You will actually enjoy shopping for new clothes 
  • You won't have to hide any mummy tummy
  • You will have more energy than a toddler on sugar!
  • You will be able to sit for a family meal AND indulge in your favourite treats WITHOUT any guilt
  • You will become the happy, healthy role model you have always wanted to be for your kids!

Here Are Some of The Things You Will Receive


  1. Exercises To Rehab Your Mom-Bod from Your Core Out, Gain Whole-Body Strength and Get Back to Doing Activities You Love
  2. Education Modules To Teach You All the Ins and Outs of Eating, Exercising and Dealing with "Mom-Stuff". Knowledge is Power When It Comes to Amazing Mind & Body Transformations
  3. Personalized Nutrition Coaching Customized to YOUR Goals and YOUR Lifestyle 
  4. A Community of Fellow Mamas So You Never Feel Alone or Lost on Your Journey to a Better You
  5. Access to Your Coach and Guide to Ensure You Learn How to Make These Changes Last a Lifetime
  6. WAAAAYYYYY More Things Than We Could Possibly List!
You will have access to bonus materials including Pelvic Floor Course, Grocery Guide and Nutrition Hacks.
**All trainings come with LIFETIME Access**

What Do Past Mamas Have to Say?

What's holding you back mama?

No more excuses, no more putting your goals last. No more thinking this post-baby body is as good as it gets. No more thinking you can't rehab your post-partum body.....even years later. How much is your happiness worth?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I built this program to fit busy lifestyles just like yours. I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by adding another thing to your plate and I definitely don't want that to happen. I work with you to incorporate healthy living into your current life!

You will finish this program with an amazing wealth of knowledge to keep healthy living a part of your entire lifestyle. In fact, you'll be amazed that you ever found healthy living challenging! I love to keep in touch with all my clients in some sort of supportive capacity, whether or not I continue to help you on your journey. I love to see all the amazing things my clients are capable of!

I know it can sometimes be scary to really take that leap and finally do something for yourself, especially if you've tried so many 'proven' diets and workouts. Here is how I am different: I don't just claim to have knowledge about the core and pelvic floor, I have studied it EXTENSIVELY and have years of experience as a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. I don't follow any fad diets, I actually look at you as an INDIVIDUAL, I am in your corner. I value your worth as a whole person and work with you to ensure you never need me again. Sounds like the worst business plan, but that is how I have ALWAYS empowered my clients and patients. I work WITH you to find that perfect formula that suits you and your goals.

This is for you if

  • You are a mom of children between the ages of 6 weeks to 10 years.
  • You've bounced between diets and workout programs, you've tried things that have worked for your friends, you've tried things you never EVER thought you would try, all in the name of finally losing the baby weight.
  • You need something that will fit your current lifestyle
  • You want to finally be healthier for you and your kids
  • You're sick of trying to figure out which foods are 'good' and which foods are 'bad'
  • You need nutrition guidance without following a strict meal plan (no mom wants to cook multiple dishes every meal!)
  • You want a coach in your corner who you can like and trust
  • You know you are capable of so much if you could just have that accountability!

This is NOT for you if:

  • You need a quick fix
  • You want to lose X amount of weight in any way you can and then you can go back to "normal" eating
  • You are seeking an assessment/diagnosis from a pelvic floor Physiotherapist; unfortunately I cannot provide those services outside of Ontario online but I am able to find qualified colleagues in your area in Canada or the USA

Abso-friggin-lutely! This program is created for moms of newborns (over the age of 6 weeks) as well as younger children. As a pelvic floor Physiotherapist, I am specially trained to ensure you recover safely while still sticking to your goals! I will guide you with your exercise routine to ensure you are always taking care of that body of yours.

Short answer - no!

One thing I have learned from years of working with moms is there is NEVER a perfect time except now.
I can say that I have met many who wished they had known and worked on their bodies properly after baby rather than putting it so low on their priority list.
If you leave these issues until later, think about the impact it could have on your daily perception of yourself, your interaction with your kids, your relationship with your spouse. NOW is the best time to stop that snowball from rolling down the hill and getting bigger and bigger! 
It is easier to tackle a small problem early on than a large problem with big habits to break.


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