About Us

(MSc Physiotherapy; Women's Health specialist)

Having struggled with weight and body image since a young girl, Vanessa bounced around between restricted eating, over-indulging and fad diets during her 20s. Always a natural athlete she just didn't understand why she was "meant to be hefty" when others seemed to slim down with ease. After an angry outburst at nothing she finally realized she needed to look after herself which meant taking her fitness and health seriously. She finally developed a way to eat sustainably, lose the weight, gain more energy and learn to love the skin she lived in.

Since that momentous turn in her journey, she delivered a healthy baby girl, kept her sunny perspective on her body image and was able to compete in her first bikini body-building competition! She now has a new baby boy and has returned to preparing for her next competition. 

She is passionate about helping other moms rehab their post-baby bodies to return to efficient and effective exercise routines that WILL NOT do damage to their core (including their pelvic floor and any diastasis recti), while also teaching them how to take the guilt out of eating. Loose the mom-pooch for good without restriction or fad programs!

(Fitness Expert; Diaper-Changing Master)

Having been very athletic growing up (baseball and mountain biking in the summers and a competitive ski racer in the winters), it definitely shocked me when I realized I was no longer the skinny kid that could eat anything; I had unwanted weight that snuck up on me, my sleep sucked, my energy was so low and I felt like I was just going through the motions (definitely not a good way to be living!). It was time to make a change and that's when I started to learn what a massive difference small changes to your nutrition, getting back to exercise and working a bit on mindset could make in my life! From that moment I started learning everything I could to not only help make myself better every day but to share my newfound passion with other dads who feel like they're stuck in an endless loop and help them get their energy up, have the body they've always wanted and be the happy, healthy role models they've always wanted to be for their kids!