6 Weeks to Restore Your Pelvic Floor

Learn how to properly exercise and engage your core to NEVER pee your pants even with intense exercise!

I'm Ready to NEVER Pee My Pants (Again)!

Why This Is For YOU!

You will be given LOADS of clarity through this course in order to empower yourself AND take action today.


Understanding your body and the reasons WHY this is happening to you, giving you the power to make the changes. Action without knowing WHY, is lost.

Core Exercise Program

Guiding you through the basics to re-integrating yourself into a full exercise program. The sequence is straightforward and will eliminate any guesswork!

Expert Access

Email access to your coach to support you through the course. There whenever you have questions or just need some extra help!

Who Are You?

  • Momma with a baby in the last 4-5 years
  • Struggled with leaking when you exercise or even with a good laugh
  • Not sure if you even know how to exercise your core or pelvic floor
  • Told by your doctor to "just do Kegels"
  • Scared to think that after baby, this is your new body

What Will You Learn?

Week One - Learning ALL the details of your core and pelvic floor and how to test yourself

Week Two - Kegels & healing diastasis recti

Week Three - Progressing those kegels

Week Four - Targeting the core

Week Five - The first step in returning to full exercise & fitness training

Week Six - Full body program, returning to ALL exercises

What Makes This Program Special

It Will Get You Results

This program was created by me, a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. I gained a wealth of knowledge treating women frustrated by googling exercises, and they felt this wave of relief to FINALLY find something that worked and someone to guide them.

I am on a mission to make sure NO MOM ever utters the words "peeing your pants is normal after a baby" ever again. Because momma, it may be common but it AIN'T normal!

Your Investment In Yourself

Momma, it's time to really heal your entire body. An active life must first start with exercising a strong, foundational core & pelvic floor. Do the work now so you save yourself from peeing your pants (and worse) in the future!

Your Body Back



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